Blandy's 10 anos Verdelho - Medium Dry 50cl

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The Blandy’s are unique in being the only family of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade to still own and manage their own original wine company, maintaining a tradition that goes back to 1811. VARIETAL Verdelho is said to have been widely cultivated on Madeira in the 17th Century and some say it may have actually originated from the island. The family works with 26 farmers found in 5 main regions of the island. In the north in Porto Moniz, Santana and São Vincente and in the south in Calheta and Funchal. Verdelho produces a must with moderate sugar levels, marked acidity and produces a medium-dry style of Madeira wine. VINIFICATION Blandy's 10-year-old Verdelho undergoes pellicular maceration followed by fermentation with natural yeast at temperatures between 18°C - 21°C in temperature controlled tanks. After approximately 4 days, fortification with vinic alcohol takes place, arresting fermentation at the desired degree of sweetness. AGEING Blandy’s 10-year-old Verdelho is a blend of wines with an average of 10 years in seasoned American oak casks. The wines were aged at the family’s Lodge in Funchal in the traditional ‘Canteiro’ system, whereby the wine is gradually transferred from the higher floors where the temperatures are higher, to the middle floors and eventually to the ground floor where temperatures are cooler. The process of transferring the barrels is absolutely critical to ensure the right balance of ullage and concentration. All through the aging process, the primary fruit flavors of the wine are gently transformed into tertiary dried fruit notes that produce unique Madeira hallmark bouquet. This wine was regularly racked during this aging process and was fined before bottling.  

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