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Type: Liqueur sparkling wine

Region: Setúbal

Grape varieties: Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal

Color: Amber

Aroma: Flower essences, apricot, hazelnuts, honey, candied orange peel and caramel.

Palate: Very fruity, crunchy, an exceptional balance, an unusual sugar / acid ratio, soft, complex and with some greasiness.

Final: Very long


Based on a generous Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal 2005 wine with 18% alcohol volume and a residual sugar of 244 g / l, a hard work of oenology began. The wine was de-alcoholized to 5% vol. Then a second fermentation was carried out in a closed vat. This resulted in a wine with 8.5% alcohol, 185 g / l residual sugar, an acidity of 4 g / l and a CO2 content of 3 atmospheres. Due to the high viscosity of the wine, the release of bubbles is not visible. However, they are noticeable on the palate, giving the crunchy, so normal in sparkling wines. The viscosity is so high that a sparkling cork is not necessary and that with a normal corkscrew it is easily removed.


The base wine (Moscatel Roxo 2005) had the normal aging of a generous one in used wood. After the second fermentation and bottling it did not undergo any aging. How to serve: Should be served as an aperitif at a temperature of 6ºC.


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