Gin Hendrick's

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Gin Hendrick

Type Gin
Manufacturer William Grant & Sons
Country of origin Scotland
Introduced 1999
Alcohol by volume 44% - 41.4% (varies by market)
Proof (US) 88.0 - 82.6
Bright color
Juniper flavor, cucumber, pink

Hendrick's Gin is a gin brand produced by William Grant & Sons at the Girvan distillery in Scotland and launched in 1999.  In addition to the traditional juniper infusion, Hendrick uses pink and Bulgarian cucumber to the flavor. Hendrick's gin is bottled in a dark-brown apothecary-style bottle.

Hendrick's uses a mixture of spirits produced from a Carter-Head Still (built in 1948), of which there are only a few in the world, and a small pot still built in 1860 by Bennett, Sons & Shears. Both were restored to order after being bought at auction in the 1960s by former William Grant Life chairman Charles Gordon. The two stills produce remarkably different gin styles due to their different construction and distillation methods.

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Bottle 750ml

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