Horácio Simões Moscatel Bastardo

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It is a wine produced in the Region of Setúbal demarcated since 1907. The Horácio Simões Agricultural House knew at a good time to bet on this caste that is extinct in the region and to produce this innovative nectar.

Color: Beautiful dark amber

Aroma: Complex, compote, figs, spice and nuts

Flavor: Round, very soft and very fresh

End of mouth: Fresh, prolonged

Follow-up Suggestion:

As an accompaniment to a good dessert served at a temperature of 14ºC.

Store: Must be stored high, in a dry place with a constant temperature (10-20ºC), and away from direct light.

Classification: Palmela

Type: Liqueur

Region: Peninsula Setúbal

Vineyard Area: 5 ha

Soil Type: Argil-Limestone

Alcohol Content: 16.85%

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