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One day, Martin Millers was drinking gin and tonic with friends in a London pub and noticed the lack of care and quality with which the drink was served. Martin asked, “Is this how England's national drink is served? Do you know what I'm going to do? I will make my own gin! ” So he said and did so.

Martin Millers didn't just want to make another Gin in the middle of the “new wave” of gins, he wanted to make the best Gin of all. He did not look for ways to achieve the ends. It innovated in the distillation methods - separated the ingredients to obtain a more intense flavor of each one - and most importantly, used the purest water of all. And where is the purest water of all? In Iceland. Martin learned that the water in Iceland has no pollution at all and is the smoothest there is. It was exactly the water of the Icelandic springs that Martin Millers chose for his Gin. He was not frightened by the distance and since the water could not travel to the distillery, he took the final production of the gin ingredients from England to Iceland where the gin is bottled.


It can be served with a lemon zest and lightly squeezed juniper seeds.

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