Quinta do Piloto Moscatel Roxo Superior 10 anos

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Moscatel de Setubal is the flagship of the wines of the Setubal Peninsula and one of the treasures of the
of the great Portuguese wines.
Humberto Cardoso, the founder of Quinta do Piloto, had great knowledge about Moscateis
and this ancient knowledge is revealed in every bottle of Quinta do Piloto Moscateis.
Moscateis Quinta do Piloto. This ancient knowledge has passed from generation to generation until today.
The blend between grapes from vineyards planted in Serra da Arrábida with clay-limestone terrain and
north exposure and grapes from vineyards planted in the Poceirão area on sandy soils and the
use of very old barrels, with a very old mother, are some of the secrets now
revealed in each bottle
Quinta do Piloto is located in the Palmela region and belongs to the Cardoso family. A
Cardoso family is one of the oldest families of Palmela, with a connection to wines
since the beginning of the last century.
Humberto Cardoso was the founder of this house, currently, it is the 4th generation that assures and leads
the company's destinies.
Type Vinho Generoso Moscatel de Setúbal
Setubal Region
Moscatel of Setúbal variety
Aging in 100 years centenary chestnut barrels, where
they rest on a mother with more than 100 years
Alcohol 17 % vol
Residual Sugar 240 g/lt
Total Acidity 5.91 g/lt
Producer Quinta do Piloto


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