Kusmi Green Mix

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Surprise! In this organic herbal tea, fruits team up with…veggies!

What a novel idea! Green Mix sets the scene: this deliciously original, organic herbal tea blends fruits with...vegetables! We promise, this is no tall tale!
No need to meet halfway: Kusmi has created a deliciously new blend for you. How, might you ask? By combining the sweetness of carrots with the unexpected flavor of spinach leaves and the fruity notes of apple and pear. Are you ready to go green? This organic herbal tea is for you!
We promise, with Green Mix, no one will have to force you to finish your vegetables!
Available in loose leaf (because it’s also good for the planet) or in teabags for when you’re on the go.
Carrot*, spinach*, pear*, apple*, pear flavoring *Organically grown ingredients
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