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Enjoy summer all year round with this organic peach-apricot herbal tea!

Guess what! It’s summer all year round with AquaSummer! Your summer fling is the real thing. As the seasons pass, you’ll always have a taste of summer on your lips as you relish in utter relaxation and sun-ripened fruits. Tart hibiscus notes, the velvety, fleshy peach and apricot flavors…it’s just like being there all over again.

Let the summer festivals begin. Hot or iced, get an instant fruit shot with this organic, caffeine-free herbal tea.

Available in loose leaf (because it’s also good for the planet) or in teabags for when you’re on the go.

Apple*, hibiscus* (16%), rose hip*, peach* (7%), natural flavors. *Organically grown ingredients

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