Soalheiro Sauvignon Blanc 2018

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In Soalheiro, the Alvarinho grape variety is queen, but not limitative. The potential of the terroir and the will to create new flavours led Quinta do Soalheiro to create Soalheiro Sauvignon Blanc & Alvarinho. Soalheiro Sauvignon Blanc is a divine wine that joins Sauvignon Blanc (70%) and Alvarinho (30%) in order to create a unique experience not only in taste but also in smell.

In this Soalheiro Sauvignon it is possible to find the green apple and asparagus flavours of the Atlantic Minho Sauvignon Blanc and the more tropical aromas of the Alvarinho. An aromatic wine, with vegetal touches of Sauvignon Blanc and a long finish achieved by the depth of Alvarinho.

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc (70%), Alvarinho (30%)

Tasting Notes:

A wine with a citrus colour, aromatic with hints of asparagus and tropical soft, fm mouth persistent and mineral.


Fish and seafood, poultry and overall white meats. It goes very well with grilled asparagus and vegetarian lasagne.

Alcohol - 12,5%.

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