Zacapa Centenário XO

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Produced in Guatemala, Rum Zacapa is a mixture of distilled rums, aged between 6 and 25 years, in the Solera system, which consists of barrels that previously contained bourbon, delicate sherry, Pedro Ximenez fine wines and cognac. 

It presents a perfectly balanced combination of sweetness, spices and fruits, being the pleasure of a "connoisseur" and the ultimate expression of Master Blender's art. 

It reveals a light brownish colour, with greenish reflections. A very open nose, with a richness of aromas to evolve in a great balance of notes of toasted oak, burnt caramel, nuts, marzipan and orange peel, with a delicate floral note. 

On the palate it has a wonderfully complete and satisfying balance of sweetness, fruits and spices; long, smooth and sweet, with a bouquet of dark chocolate, cherry, dried fruit (sultanas), oak, clove, vanilla and cinnamon flavours.

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