Kusmi English Breakfast lata 100g

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Breakfast is ready! Two bold organic black teas combine to give you a quintessentially British breakfast.

Call from London! Will you answer the irresistible call from across the English Channel and indulge in such an English breakfast?

Ladies and gentlemen. Be inspired by iconic British composure and enjoy your English breakfast tea with pure indifference. As the curls of steam escape your mug and the mist dissipates behind the window, you might just see Big Ben looming above the Thames. What a treat! This blend of two exceptional organic black teas is the epitome of English elegance. A powerfully flavored Ceylon black tea combines with a black tea from Assam. A must for an English breakfast!

With this blend, your breakfast will be fit for the Queen...especially with a little drop of milk!

Organic tea available on the loose because it is good for the planet, and in tea bags for when you are on the go.


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Flavour Natural
Net 100g

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